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I am very happy to have found SereneAI. It is very meditative and takes into account how I am feeling at any given moment. I typically do not like meditation apps but this is a mixture of calming music and a caring voice.

App Store Sep '23
This is one of the best therapy/meditation/health and wellness type apps I’ve ever used. I only gave it a few sentences about my self and it gave me the best ten minute meditation/therapy session I have ever had in my life. This has to be the best app for health and wellness.

App Store Sep '23
Remarkably personalised and effective. I was sceptic but this actually gave me a real and well guided meditation session. Good for me as I’ve been having trouble getting into it on my own. I’m impressed!

App Store Oct '23
Meditation Reimagined

Meditation as a journeyto personal and professional growth

SereneAI transforms the way you relate to your mind, making it simple and fun for anyone to engage in a fulfilling meditation practice.

AI-powered Growth

Hyper-personalized meditation unlike anything you've ever experienced

More than just a meditation app, SereneAI is a guide towards meaningful goals and personal development. Our innovative frameworks, supercharged with AI, provide an engaging and impactful experience, adapting and growing with you over time.



No pre-recorded content, only 100% unique audio sessions based on your current thoughts, feelings and challenges.


AI-powered insights

Gain valuable insights into your emotional and mental patterns, helping you understand your triggers and responses.


Grows with you

Our AI doesn't just guide you; it grows with you, adapting its approach as you evolve.

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A guided meditation as unique as you are

We understand that every mind is unique and thus, we have developed an AI-powered approach that tailors each meditation session to your specific needs.

No more generic meditations. With us, it’s personal, empathetic, and designed to help you find your calm in a way that feels uniquely yours.